About Skypeak

At Skypeak you harness up and roam free while always remaining safely secured to our modern steel and tree structure.

At Skypeak you choose your own adventure.

Choose from:

  • Adrenaline filled and challenging – climb across our barrel run, tree tops swings and leap the gap crossing or go jumping with a bungee-like leap or our Lets Go zipline
  • Cool, fun and completely different – an aerial boat ride, a suspended picnic, a snowboard ride or fly our magic carpet

Skypeak Adventures is designed to cater to all levels of the physical strength and fitness.

We also know that everyone responds differently to being up high.

So we firmly encourage everyone to set their own pace and start well within their limits wherever those limits might be.

Serious outdoor adventurers will discover and rise to their own challenge level while “just for fun” climbers will experience a sense of accomplishment as they navigate through the course.

Most people are amazed how their confidence grows as they climb and they experience a real sense of accomplishment from their adventures.

We’re all about safety

At Skypeak Adventures we are serious about your safety.

Our safety systems are state of the art. Adventurers use an interlocked double carabiner safety system and a full body harness to keep everyone securely and comfortably connected to our structure at all times.

The interlock feature on our double carabiners prevents you from disconnecting both carabiners from the structure at the same time. You can disconnect one but you cannot disconnect the second one until the first one is securely reattached to the structure. You cannot disconnect!! It’s that secure.

All climbers wear full body safety harnesses. We have several sizes and they all have multiple adjustment points to ensure your harness will be comfortable while it is keeping you safe.

We will be back, stronger than ever.
Stay safe Saints family.
See you soon.