St Marys Rugby League Club is built on the loyalty of its members and therefore prides itself on providing premium customer service with exceptional facilities. Members receive quality benefits throughout the year including:

  • Automatic entry into the Members Badge Draw
  • Discounts on food, beverages and selected special events
  • Accumulation of Saints Live Reward Points
  • Free Members Only giveaways
  • Saints Hairdressing discounts

1 year: $5.50
5 years: $22
Permanent: $110


As a member you are also eligible to participate in the SAINTS LIVE REWARDS program. Your accumulated Saints LIVE Rewards Points can then be used to make purchases within the Club or pay any bill* at the Bottler and our friendly staff will pay the bill for you using your points balance.

*You can use your points to pay any personal tax invoices or utility bills (excluding bills for credit cards, vehicle registration or insurance policies).

CLICK HERE to view our Saints LIVE Rewards Brochure.

Think about your choices. Call Gambling Help 1800 858 858.


Saints Members now have the opportunity to book a HOLIDAY at 3 different holiday Resorts at SPECIAL exclusive rates, all year round. For the perfect holiday at a price you can afford. Three Resorts, ninety eight units and seasonal rates for all Saints Members.

For more information and Christmas Ballot details simply visit:

De Anne – 02 4981 1533

Glenn – 02 4441 2367

Rebecca – 02 6655 3911